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We take every step with care. From the design to the construction.



Value engineering and construct-ability review are enhanced and utilized continuously throughout the project duration. An early involvement of the design-build team is essential in maximizing the full potential of the design-build delivery system. Decisions that can be made during the programming, concept and design phases will impact the schedule and costs of the project more than any other phase of construction. 



  • Master contract is between the owner and contractor

  • Contractor is the single point of responsibility

  • Owner has a single point of contact for both design and construction

  • Design-Build has been proven to be much quicker than Design-Bid-Build

  • Long lead items can be identified and ordered prior to the start of construction

  • Value engineering and construct-ability reviews are enhanced due to the integration of the design and construction process

  • Changes, disputes, claims and other delays occur less frequently

  • The contractor is responsible for the completion of construction documents

  • Inconsistencies or scope gaps are the responsibility of the contractor

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