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Reliability & Testing

We don’t just test. We make your products successful.

From utilizing our expertise on an as-needed basis, to having a team of our TMAC professionals onsite for a long term contract, TMAC has a model that will meet your demands. Developed as a result of our extensive experience with diverse customers, all of our models take into consideration the complexity involved with a successful project that must meet both time and budget constraints. If one our models doesn’t fit your needs, you can still start a conversation with us to develop an arrangement tailor-made for your business. No matter which one you choose, we have complete confidence that you’ll be happy with the results.

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Our unique performance offerings encompass capacity planning, performance engineering, and optimization coverage.

What we do

TMAC provides reliability engineering and testing for both Greenfield and Brownfield projects. Plant support is our priority and passion.Whether it is commissioning hydro or leak testing or if it is pressure and flow measurements, TMAC does it all. Testing is critical to good engineering and equipment reliability. Contact us if you need system troubleshooting, testing and measurement solutions.

Own Unique Methodologies

A good methodology provides a solid direction, saves time, improves quality, and increases productivity. TMAC works hard to devise clear processes for managing testing efforts of any kind. While our methods may be tailored a bit for various size projects and life cycles, we still keep the basic structure the same.

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