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Rodrigo Tsuruta


​Solving Problems The Right Way!!!

 ​"When I started TMAC Technologies,

  I had one goal in mind: To build long  term business relationships with our  clients. Since  2012 we have done just that,

 in more than 7 different states. Let us show 

 you what true commitment and proper  design practices means." 

 Thank you, 

TMAC Technologies, LLC, better known as TMAC to its many clients throughout the nation, has provided data capturing, front end and preliminary engineering, detailed custom design, project management, fabrication and construction assistance since 2012. TMAC can provide YOU with the turn-key solutions for YOUR upcoming projects.

TMAC can not be more proud of our employees. We are all highly efficient and skilled in each respected field. Safety is always a priority and training is constantly ongoing to reassure our clients (OSHA, MSHA, etc...).

TMAC, headquartered in Mansfield, Texas, has administrative, design capabilities, manufacturing, and sales divisions to accommodate projects across the nation.

COMPANY MISSION: To provide customers with the best combination of safety, productivity, and technology. We endeavor in continuous growth and development in all our services and divisions.